[About Me] Let’s find it out

二月 25th, 2010

不務正業/東寫寫, 西寫寫, 喜歡學習新技術, 提升解決問題的能力

Graduated from medical related field, did data mining for e-commerce,

learn big data solution, my goal is creating the power to be a problem solver!

Try to do something good for humanity and for fun!

Email me if you have any question!

Now, I am CTO of inBOUND, can’t wait to release our product soon.

[AngelHack] HACKcelerator week4 Growth hacking

八月 25th, 2016

This week, we had growth hacking topic for weekly meeting.

Well, growth hacking is so hot recently.

“Marketing becomes more technical.”


By this week, all team should deliver “marketing survey” and “setting landing page”

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[AngelHack] HACKcelerator week3 HPE

八月 19th, 2016

In week 3, someone introduce the mobile related API from HPE to us.

Yes, HPE again.

I remember that the key point was data sources from mobile device are really important.

After that, we team had meeting with HPE data team for some discussion.

  • Any question about HPE APIs?
  • Do you team need some document?
  • What’s your request?
  • Introduce your MVP

Are the APIs good for our chatbot application?

Even we only need sentiment analytic tools, and some NLP APIs for chatbot, we are still confused on the performance between IBM and HPE.

Pretty fun.

[AngelHack] HACKcelerator week2 HPE

八月 13th, 2016

In 2nd week meeting, I’d learn what is HPE, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a technical IT solution service from USA.

I have to say that this is my first time hearing HPE, what is HPE? OK, a IT solution, thought, what’s the difference between HPE and IBM service.

In this meeting, of course, HPE are one of sponsor in AngelHack accelerator. Just like AWS credit.

However, not all teams would use the HPE APIS. If we’d like to try, we need to apply then connect with HPE team.

For our MVP, chatbot is our main functions, we need emotional language service, sentiment detection, and so on.

After few days, someone contact us for more detail.

I am excited to learn more on HPE service, get back later lol.

In the next week, we will catch our Taiwan mentor for 2nd meeting as well!

Can’t wait.

[Startup] why start a startup 創業的原因

八月 7th, 2016

這篇想記下我開始做失戀花園 inbound.tw 的原因





In this article, I share why I started running a business for startup company.

Why mental health? Heartbreak garden for  people. Inbound tw for Taiwanese.

Specific healing way to being with heart broken people.

Sure, in Chinese lol.

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[AngelHack] HACKcelerator week1 MVP

八月 5th, 2016


Glad to have chance to join Kenko team, winner of AngelHack Taipei 2016.

In order to get the ticket to Silicon Valley Week in this summer, we join HACKcelerator program for 12 weeks.

Being the part of startup elite lol.

To achieve our American dream.

Week 1: visiting our mentor and first weekly meeting with AG

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