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[AngelHack] My first giant event in Girls in Tech part 1

星期五, 六月 10th, 2016

Glad to have this chance to be a volunteer for AngelHac […]


星期三, 一月 20th, 2010

今天要跟大家介紹一個練習口說英語實用的網站 […]

[英文] Story

星期四, 十二月 24th, 2009

Story相關的片語很多,今天看到幾個在這邊與大家分享: 1.A long story 好長的一段故事(通常不 […]

The Big Bang Theory

星期四, 十一月 19th, 2009

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom created and e […]

[Eng] Ask for directions

星期六, 十月 10th, 2009

We’ll have chance to ask for directions or even a […]

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