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教學|復健機構 志工電腦教學筆記

星期四, 五月 10th, 2018

淡出科技圈好一陣子,雖已不太過問技術圈的黑暗風雲 倒也知道現在流行些什麼來著,原先投入參與的多個社群 也因為打 […]

[Interview] things you should know

星期四, 五月 19th, 2016

In this article, I note something you might to note bef […]

[Diary] Day4 from back-end to front-end

星期五, 五月 6th, 2016

Time flies! Isn’t it? Today, I checked the schedu […]

[Spark] Lecture for Apache Spark in NTU

星期三, 四月 27th, 2016

Here is my slide for Apache Spark Today in NTU.

[Diary] Day3 still working on data architect

星期五, 四月 22nd, 2016

In day 3, actually, it’s third time to came to cl […]

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